Climate Change Credit

An Independent examination of the evidence against global warming available in the published, peer-reviewed literature, examined without bias or selectivity.

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"When former skeptics cite melting habitat as the reason polar bears are now threatened, you know the global warming debate is over."
- Sen. Joe Lieberman

Is it indeed?



The present report by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) focuses on two major issues:
  1. The very weak evidence that the causes of the current warming are anthropogenic (Section 2)
  2. The far more robust evidence that the causes of the current warming are natural (Section 3).
The report then addresses a series of less crucial topics:
  1. Computer models are unreliable guides to future climate conditions (Section 4)
  2. Sea-level rise is not significantly affected by rise in GH gases (Section 5)
  3. The data on ocean heat content have been misused to suggest anthropogenic warming. The role of GH gases in the reported rise in ocean temperature is largely unknown (Section 6)
  4. Understanding of the atmospheric carbon dioxide budget is incomplete (Section 7)
  5. Higher concentrations of CO2 are more likely to be beneficial to plant and animal life and to human health than lower concentrations (Section 8)
  6. The economic effects of modest warming are likely to be positive and beneficial to human health (Section 9)
Conclusion: Our imperfect understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change means the science is far from settled. This, in turn, means proposed efforts to mitigate climate change by reducing GH gas emissions are premature and misguided. Any attempt to influence global temperatures by reducing such emissions would be both futile and expensive (Section 10).

Summary courtesy Frank Thomas Buzzard
Retired NASA Rocket Scientist

(Summary found in expanded version on page 1 and 2 of the report)


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